About Us

Founded in 2007, ALConsultancy arose from the realization of the need on the labour market of a company to coordinates the various stages of the transport of art works and exhibitions. Right at the start we had the opportunity to coordinated the transport of a major exhibition of artworks, from more than over thirty Brazilian galleries, at ARCO FAIR in Madrid, and from then on many others important works took place, both in Brazil and abroad, in which we could help to making all arriving and returning safely and on time. Working with an average of 12 annual projects, we have developed a great expertise and a vast network of national and international partners that help us to serve our customers with great dedication. In 2010, we were approached by an advertising agency that was needing to assemble in a very short time, one domestic exhibition for a governmental meeting. The job was to collect in no more than five days more than 200 Brazilian products in all states of Brazil, deliver them at the exhibition site and then return them. It was a success! And as we could see, the task was not very different from that we were used to do. Since then we also began to provide services to promotional marketing agencies, handling and distributing business gifts and toasts. Our intention is to always take care of the work we do with the utmost dedication and caring, filtering problems that may occur, thus minimizing stress and cost to our customers.

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